CYOA is a Collaborative Writing Project Interweaving the best aspects of of Choose Your Own Adventure to produce a new phase in interactive Storytelling. This collaboration is undertaken across continents and completed within a tight time frame.

Complex characters, mature themes and concepts which are neither black or white. Its Choose Your Own Adventure – but for adults.

Team members are drawn from a pool of writers with various skills, abilities and experiences. We welcome emerging authors as keenly as seasoned writers.

If you’d like to be considered as part of the team for the next series; please read and consider the points in the Details page

Specific series will ask for specific genre based stories, so consider the theme of the series before applying and specify which series in the future you'd like to be considered for.

For more information about CYOA check out our Facebook Fan Page and the website
Use this form for time when there is NOT a call out for a specific series.

Here you can submit a short bio (20 – 50 words) about yourself, your aspirations or journey in writing (20 - 50 words), at least one link to a short story you have recently written. (yes... thats for everyone - editors, beta readers and writers)

Please also let us know why you'd like to join the team, what you hope to bring or share to the group.

This form is open all year round - however please take note of when the next series is being run.
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